#612: the world is my lobster

perennially slept-on underground favorite, joey pepper.

had a shit day today so this one's as much for me as it is for you.

don't really recall him being on rhythm... or getting so buck at Hubba Hideout.

but that ollie snap up top is still the shit.


DIGZ said...

I stopped following the mags and vids regularly in like 94, but I know Peppers is the real dealio. That b-side nosegrind 180 on Hubba is both Bananas and Bonkers. Maybe one of the illest tricks there ever, at least top ten.

And that ollie on whatever brick transition that was was ill and insane. It was Illsane!

Actually, that's the term for guys like Pepper or Igei- Illsane.

Aesthetics was a dope ass crew with Kevin Taylor and Igei and Welsh and Pepper etc.

Anonymous said...

Is that brick spot in the first photo still around?

Giles said...

That's Mass General right? Not sure if it's still there or skatable. I have a Thrasher I bought in 1985 that describes Gonz skating it, ollieing it. No photo though. That would have been cool to see.

White Ninja said...

Thats a a hospital in boston, I skated it when I was a kid, super steep.

Was never able to hang out there due to security,just hit it ang go. and I heard the put bumps at the bottom so you cant ride it. Any one confirm this?

Chops: Killer post!

stephen said...

its boston city hospital not mass general. i haven't been there in years so i can't confirm any current skate-stopperage but there's a few different banks... with and without trannies. same spot with the rail on top of the steep brick bank that jamal, gangeme, and a few others have flicks on. i think the jamal one's on this site. it's a really fun spot. kinda in the ghetto though... but hey, if you get stabbed or something at least the ER is around the corner.

stephen said...

edit: it used to be called boston city hospital but the hospital is called boston medical center or BMC now. fwiw... in case any of you all are wanting to check it out next time you're in beantown. i haven't skated there in at least a decade though... but i know i've seen footage of some of the banks there semi-recently

coach said...

The tranny is gone, there are still skate able banks around the corner...

Anonymous said...

anybody have info on who's actually ollied the volcano?
if you've ever been there, its got a curb at the top for an extra challange

i don't recall any footy of it being done.

I've heard rumors of the following rippahs doing it:

Gangemi, Pepper, Gonz, Preston (thrasher filmer), Adam Air, Dan Drehobol, Matt Pailes, Dougie Death

Can any of you other skate nerds confirm these?

p.s. Jahmal williams owns that spot!

Keith said...

Joey Pepper is sick! Another one of those guys who sorta flies under the radar.

I don't really remember him being on Rhythm either.

dan77 said...

So many sick New England skaters. That switch backsmith is mind blowing. Pepper is so slept on but doesn't seem to give a shit, which only makes him sicker.

nick gonzalez said...

whatever happened to this guy??
i remember seeing him on an element video a LONG ass time ago and then that was it. never saw anything else

Keith said...

nick g... I think you're thinking of Billy Pepper.

Different guy.

coach said...

I've heard rumors of the following rippahs doing it:

Gangemi, Pepper, Gonz, Preston (thrasher filmer), Adam Air, Dan Drehobol, Matt Pailes, Dougie Death

Can any of you other skate nerds confirm these?

p.s. Jahmal williams owns that spot!

You pretty much got them all. One of bosons best spots ever. Chris trembly did it in a real video I believe and pstone had a pic in transworld doing it. Pretty sure charlie Wilkins dod it also?

Bag said...

Charlie Wilkins too I think?

Remington Foxworthy said...

Vinny ollies the corner of it in this..


Coopsta said...

Man, this guy has been killing it lately. His tricks in that Amazon series were amazing.

dflip said...

I thought that break volcano spot dosnt exist anymore. Wicked sick photo... Would love too check out that spot!

Anonymous said...


Vinnie Ponte is ollie-ing the smaller volcano in that clip. You can see the big one in the background.

The City Hospital volcano (as it was called when I skated it almost 25 years ago) is of the most fun spots I ever skated, for sure.

The whole area smelled like piss, though.

Guess that's true of a lot of fun spots.

ATM said...

Killed it this week, chops. Expedition just posted this and I've already watched it twice: http://thekayocorp.com/KAYOTV/joey-pepper-remix

Remington Foxworthy said...

@Anonymous the smaller one was the one everyone skated and ollied over.

In this Barley does a 50-50 on the bank to rail (which is also gone)


Jahmal has an ad with a 50 on the rail, I think he did smith too.


one more