chrome ball incident #548: duel of the iron mic

that bs 180 nosegrind flick is a monster.

definitely one of those dudes that doesn't get enough credit... kt the god.

after philly d yesterday, kevin seemed like the logical choice.

capital and aesthetics... a couple of classics right there. word to john igei.

the skateboard mag, skateboarder mag, lakai, deluxe, the 'tap... everybody. thanks for all the links and support out there.

go buy krook3d. so much fun.


Ken said...

Gyeahhh mang! KT!

BLCooney said...

His footage in the FirstDivision industry section (0:59-1:10)...!

Olof said...

Kevin Taylor is exactly the type of flavor Zoo York needs to stay interesting. Can't believe they bumped him to "legend" status, what does that even mean?

Anonymous said...

It means that his decks aren't selling but they still plan on giving him an (albeit small probably) pay cheque.

Olof said...

They should plan on giving MArc Ecko the legendtreatment.
He's not been poppin' since Mobb Deep used to be in the Echo ad's

Keith said...

I always tried to buy Capital boards when they existed. Last one I had was a banana top KT. Snapped it 8(

Always stoked on KT. Dude has been around for a long ass time.

Igei sequence is sweet.

Old School Sammy said...

KT was a good bookend post to Stevie---keep it going Chops!

Tony Hawk said...

That 180 ng looks like it happened at the engineering building at Pitt. Those rails were scary as a maf'k. Yeah Kevin Taylor is a ripper. He shredded Shady Skates hard. Totally chill dude.

Anonymous said...

kevin taylor is the fucking god! i'll take him over stevie anyday for tricks/conversation/partying for sure. last year at tampa was fun, what the deal KT? keep teaching the kids son!