chrome ball incident #501: that's incredible

figured rodney would just about be the only way to follow-up yesterday's tony post.

...and you pretty much always have to bring this one up too:

that's a whole lotta tricks right there.

definitely stoked on this... (though I gotta admit his missing tooth kinda bugs me out)

and also, make sure to check out Brooklyn Banks week over Quartersnacks. one of my favorite sites going... should be pretty rad.


K said...

remember the first time u saw second hand smoke?

E.Ricks said...

Yeah, he got me a paid when i was on Powell as an am...lol..Thanks Hot Rod..

Slumming it??? HAHAHAH..
Dude this one the first things i look at in the morning...lol..

Keep up the good work Chops....

Old School Sammy said...

Nice follow up to the Mighty #500---and yeah, Rodney's busted grill creeps me out too...

ATM said...

Ha! "Removed duct tape from fingers - '91". Rodney is an inspiration, if anyone hasn't read his autobiography yet they really should. It's a great read.

scott said...

damn, first tony hawk, the mullen of vert, and then rodney mullen, the mullen of street. two great posts! this dudes part in virtual reality changed the way i thought about skateboarding forever. im literally still blown away by it. thanks again for the post chops!

Anonymous said...

What year is the last Plan B ad from?

Royce said...

That pic from the "freestyle is dead, or is it" is amazing.
1up Chops.

chops said...

thanks guys.

yeah k, i remember seeing a still photo of rodney doing that casper slide down that hip and wondering what the hell he was doing? still love that part... those dirty ass white shoes with the black sole, haha.

thanks ricks!

yeah, atm... his autobiography is definitely worth checking out... wish there was more world team/rocco stuff in there though

anon, that is late '96/early '97.

1up royce.

dedleg said...

He explains the missing tooth in this vid, pretty anti-climactic actually: http://www.shredordie.com/video/dissent-tv-tony-hawk-with-1

Nonetheless - always shocked by how humble he is despite the fact that he really did invent a good portion of the basis of modern street skating.

Keith said...

Back from vacation. Catching up on all the posts!

The freestyle is dead article... great stuff!

Double dip was awesome!

I can remember a photo of him doing a trick in a public bathroom. Don't think I've seen it anywhere online.

That first footage of him skating a big board in rubbish heap was pretty cool.