chrome ball incident #496: blue jay way

"hey guys, its me... Steve Claar"

wrote this guy a fan letter back in the day and his sister responded to it with some Blender stickers.

"Neil's a friend of the family," she said. So rad.

Ultra-stylish ripper with what many claim to be the best frontside ollie in skateboarding this side of Jason Jessee. The debate still rages to this day.

Steve (partially?) lost a leg a few years back due to some freak circumstances surrounding a surfing accident but he's still out there doing his thing. Respect.

"Action Dan, Dude."


jason of oz said...

Totally forgot about Bam Bams! Nice one!

Anonymous said...

The Fallbrook ollie sequence is perfection.

Its all about the arms.

Anonymous said...

I always wanted the Whale graphic deck. The shape was sick! I never knew he lost a leg. Glad to hear he is still out there doing it! Good post man!

Coals to Newcastle said...

G & S trucks... I used to think if you got G & S trucks with a Grind King kingpin, you could grind anything. I never put my brilliant plan into action, though.

Sick frontside ollies. Even a tech street flipper kid like me could appreciate those. I miss guys like that.

Keith said...

lost a leg!? gnarly.

Check out's back then had height lol

I only remember Steve Claar in the Speed Wheels video at that sadlands spot.

That fs ollie really is nice.

Anonymous said...

He cut his foot surfing, it got infected and had to be amputated. That doesn't stop him from playing drums in a band though. I'll go with Claar for best f/s ollies ever then a toss up between J. Jessee and Remy Stratton.

Stickmoe said...

I still have that same problem MJ has with his ollies. Been skating about 10 years and my damn back foot still comes off a little bit on my ollies. Thought I was probably the only person.