chrome ball incident #480: rebel waltz

pretty stoked on this one.

gotta admit that I fancied myself a bit too fresh back in the day to really give the kid his proper credit. dude totally rips.

makes me want to go out and try a miller flip or something...

dig his art, too.

and that 50-50 flick of tobin's up top has gotta be one of the all-time greatest.


ATM said...

That 50-50 photo is a thing of beauty. Jason rips. And while on the subject of San Jose, any chance a Jerry post might be coming up in the near future?

smorales said...

Really good one. Everything has been done on that san jose rail and yet his 5-0 still looks awesome.
"look at the kid!"

Lucas said...

I remember thinking Jason Adams was a kook when I saw that Thrasher cover. Those shoes were unacceptable back then. But, man, that issue was sick: interviews with Huf and Gabriel Rodriguez, a DC story and a profile of the Whooliganz, Scott Caan's rap group.

chops said...

Sorry ATM... Jerry's my man and I think I've been working on that one forever. I'll get to it.

And I feel ya on the shoes, Lucas. I wasn't having that Spiccoli shit at all back then.

Thanks for the comments guys.

phillyb said...

props to Jay Adams ... he's been sick for a long time and still has lots of fight left in him.

definitely an underrated skater (although he seems to have done well for himself).

Croupier said...

Love this one. LONG LIVE THE KID!