chrome ball incident #426: magic carpet ride

"get out of middle america while you still can." -kelly bird.

quick post featuring the former real pro/current lakai guy's '94 transworld spotlight... and quite possibly the most eclectic bunch of cameos imaginable.

love the heelflip over the cart... which making look that good definitely ain't easy. bird just had 'em like that. (sorry, image taken down)

and check out this compilation of old demo footage. nice.


Anonymous said...

Gentry, Berra and Mike V all in the same room together. Weird.

That frontside shuv photo is fantastic as well.

Anonymous said...

Nice post - cool. Any chance of a classic 101 Gino era joint.

Keith said...

That's a sick interview. I haven't seen or read it in a long time though.

It's nice to see him do well as a TM after his pro career.

I remember him spending time in Toronto but never Vancouver. Maybe he was joking about moving there? Not sure.

He had at least two epic graphics... the first slick and the Judas Priest Screaming for Vengeance.

dedleg said...

I was just about to say, moreso than the heelflip, I noticed the fs shove it. Dude is in the zone - look at that game face haha.

Anonymous said...

white half cabs w/black laces and, like, a heather gray sweatshirt is one of the coolest looks ever

smorales said...

best f/s heelflips.