chrome ball incident #390: melmac

One of the most rollercoaster careers of the 1990's.

Early 90's vert savior turned late 90's handrail technician.... with a bit of underwear modeling in-between, the multi-talented Alphonzo Rawls.

One of the biggest names in skateboarding at one point, now his former roommate is on Cribs while Alf has left the spotlight behind.

(couldn't find that Carlsbad Gap lipslide flick to save my life... get it next time)

Not that Rawls was by any means a slouch on the street tip but I always wonder where he could've taken vert skating had it remained fashionable. Kind of a shame.

...and if you haven't yet, check out Ricky over at slap. Incredible.


Anonymous said...

He's still a footwear/product designer at Black Box, I believe. 2nd to last is a total Scott Sorenson ensemble.

Keith said...

Stoked to see him at the first batb as a judge.

That bs smith cover was way ahead of its time.

I remember seeing him at one of the Slam City Jams at an after party. No homo but the dude is one sharp looking guy.

jamesinger said...

that EVOL ad was on my HS folder for a whole year and then on my wall until I moved out of my parents house. good stuff.

Coals to Newcastle said...

It seems like back then, you could be pro and have status or respect... but really not make that much money; for example, Henry Sanchez, who now works as an auto body technician. Whereas now, there are people who aren't nearly on the same level, or are actively disliked (Ryan Sheckler)... and they're set for life.

Anonymous said...

for some reason this post got me super pumped. I always liked this guy. I remember he had some part where he skated to a jazz song in a transworld montage and he was like the sickest dude in it. i think it was "greatest hits."
the noseslide rail ad gets me pumped. good good ads. evol ad for the win! janet, rhythm nation.

Anonymous said...

Met and skated with a bunch of pros over the years, but Alf was the only one I ever asked for an autograph. 1991, Vancouver miniramp contest. I was 14, and had seen him in the H-Street video. Signed my "New School" T-shirt.

This is it said...

I just found a Rawls deck that has the Tyson graphic - somebody was throwing it away. Unbelievable.