chrome ball incident #378: milk carton

“I have no idea where I would be if I didn’t skateboard.”


dedleg said...

"If everybody in New York chilled and didn't skate, how has New York produced so many good skaters?"

Great quote, although really, there is way too much of that "skateboard as fashion accessory" shit going on in NY as well. Too many dudes rolling up to the bar with their board just so girls will ask them if they skate. But I guess, whatever works.

Another great trick over the Unisphere gap too... that shit keeps popping up these days it seems, ever since they announced it was going to be closed. Was that for old time's sake or just a happy coincidence?

Carryout said...

i remember going into BOARDS NYC in sohool back in 99(?), and ben liversedge was there working. i was kind of starstruck. he was super nice and actually talked to you, whereas other high-profile skaters would just dust you off. it just goes to show how effective it is to be a nice guy. props.

Keith said...

bs 180 nosegrind pic looks great.

Skate Nazi said...

SPORTS CREW represent!
Ben Livs is a real cool dude, he was friends of some friends in Frisco back in the day, nice guy and RIPPED way harder than a lot of people ever gave him credit for.

His backside ollie the width of that bench at the Berkeley Banks and the fs half cab flip down the Hubba stairs were my favorites of his.

Soooo rad, great post.

Anonymous said...

thanks, i always loved this dude skating.

that switch bs flip is classic!


K said...

"If everybody in New York chilled and didn't skate, how has New York produced so many good skaters?"

1. NY skaters (and ultimately East Coast skater in general) have been getting fly since day 1. People need to stop hating so hard. What? We can't look good, go skate, chill in the park, go to a party, skate on the l8night tip, crash and do the same thing all weekend?

I guess it's cooler to spend all day sitting in a car hoping to go to some elementary school deep in the burbs.

2. I have zero patience for people who carry a board to the bars. Get your priorities in line, G. Dranks and planks don't mix.

3. I have yet to meet girls who seriously though it was cool that I skateboarded.

Anonymous said...

i'm down with "K's" response. especially the fucking deep in the suburbs elementary school stuff.
the reason new york looks so gorgeous on film is because they actually skate in the streets through the city. I'm not hating, I mean, footage from lockwood is dope, (i.e. gino b/s flip WHOLE PLANTER, ETC.), and countless other schools, but a part full of rails inside schools is booooooooooooringgggggggggggggggggg.
show your push, because it matters.
Ben is rad. seems like his skills are very well rounded.

Anibal said...

dude. rob carylon. that dude. forgot about him. rene mathyssen (sp?) another new deal dude that fell off the face of the earth.

liversedge. speaks for itself right there. says he doesn't get to skate ramp...but that burnside footage?!?!? damn.

always mad that we didn't get to see more footage liversedge, hickey,keefe, mike hern and them man.

skip said...

Great post -
I still have a liversedge deck in my basement.. can't remember the company tho

Still waiting for someone to post his 411 checkout part

Anonymous said...

I wish somebody would have buttoned down Hickey and filmed a part with him. I'm sure there's still time but seriously.
Keefe had a nice little part in the old "tree fort" video if i'm not mistaken, Supa too. that's probably kind of a rare video though.

Anonymous said...

That tree fort video is dope, don't forget Vinnie P up in there...