chrome ball incident #357: blast

it's hard to find me cause I'm so into art.

figured i'd try something a little different tonight.

couldn't decide which one of these rad little jason jessee features to go with so i ran 'em both. figured they kinda go together anyway.

up top is a thrasher article from '95 where our hero is asked to expound upon the various characters in his life while down below is a feature transworld would run a few years later that enlisted many of these same people to ask of jason anything they damn well pleased.

now go away... i'm busy... thinking.


Coals to Newcastle said...

There was a time when you could order boards direct from Consolidated. I called to get a board, and talked to someone whose voice I recognized- "You should get the Jason Jessee retirement model. It's great!" I thought that was funny; I said, You're trying to get me to buy your board. He asked, "How'd you know it was me?" I said, I remember you from Streets of Fire. But I got his board (it was actually designed by Karma), and it turned out to be a good board.

Royce said...

Told me I have the best name ever.

by jamesinger said...

Man, SD in the house the last week!
Nice work.
Skating with Jason Jesse was always amazing...especially at Tobin's ramp.
He owned it!

chops said...

whoops, forgot that last panel.

sorry about that.

i hate it when that happens.

smorales said...

so stoked. fuck school, fuck the rain. Is it weird to get more pumped reading about Jesse, Stranger, Blender and Gonz than watching most skating?

AndyB said...

Thanks for posting that!!! Homeboy is still ruling. Please share your Jason Jessee stories. I know there is many out there.

joshua said...

I really loved that Thrasher article, it's awesome to see it again.

Anonymous said...

damn that was pure gold, I heard theres a new indoor park in my town with a vertramp. I gotta go on a mission to find this place for you JJ for you man! I still love you Chops!

JayCee said...

Nice one Chops! I was thinking about that Thrasher interview the other day and I was trying to find it online but no luck. Thanks for this one. I wanted to read what he wrote about Hosoi. Him and Cab were in town the other day and I was watching some of those trailers online about that Jason Jessee movie and it all came together.

I remember reading this story where Julien was talking about going to this strip club here in SF where you put quarters in and this window pops up and you can watch a stripper dance. Well, he was kinda bummed cause he only had a like 75 cents and that meant he had to take care of business pretty quickly. Turns out he wasn't so bummed cause when he got out, Jason Jessee was already waiting for him.

Anonymous said...

Contrary to the caption, that bloody slam picture was used for an ad by 5-0 clothing back in the day. But it was black and white.