chrome ball incident #342: cracked actor

some classic rocco-era j.lee tonight.

i remember rocking those classic grey ghetto wear pants for the better part of the 7th grade (i was always such a daring fashion marvel). still remember the washing instructions that came on the tag:

1) ask your mom how to wash these pants

2) when she says no, go skate

3) when you return, you'll have clean clothes to wear.

never seen this before. wowsers.

special thanks to stereo, my man adam and mr. skin phillips


jason from oz said...

awesome as usual chops! never go wrong with a j.lee post.

aahh ghetto wear pants...the memories.

hadn't seen the ad for the board before and i thought i'd seen 'em all.

loved the sma footage. i've got footage of when lee and gonz toured australia in late 89 early 1990, i'll have to upload it.

nice one!

smorales said...

jason from oz. if you upload that footage I'll be your best friend. I'll even invite you to my birthday party.

I'm officially over the new stereo until something positive happens. Livin' in the j.lee past ain't so bad though.

K said...

jason lee = one of the nicest dudes i've ever met.

any of you lot remember blue????

E.Ricks said...

Jason Lee is the man!!!

Glad to see him and Chris bring back Stereo..

Keith said...

World era Jason Lee. So good. Lots of his pics were on my wall back in those days. Whatever he's doing over the bike rack in the first pic... looks like a no make. wtf is it? bs flip?

Nigel said...

Great post. I watched that demo video, and I remember that time. Both of those guys were sick. I think the reason I don't like Vallely now is because of what he used to be, and what he's become.

chops said...

thanks guys.

yeah jason, i'd been looking for that graphic ad for a minute...
forgot that rocco advertised so much in poweredge.

and dude, for god's sake, upload that footage.

K, blue got their own post a while back.

what's up e ricks? how you been homie?

keith, pretty sure its a backside flip... and the way i see it, if he didn't make this one, he probably made the next one.

nigel, granted people gotta evolve... but damn, its all become a little much.

mikebythesun said...

I remember seeing that sequence of him ollie flipping that sidewalk island and being blown away. And I always loved that pic of the one-foot over the hydrant. I remember trying to find a hydrant in town so I could try it.

Good to see them up here. Chops delivers, as always.

Anonymous said...

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