chrome ball incident #333: the greatest

"the older you get the more you see that age doesn't matter."


hairfarmer said...

The footage of that f/s blunt is one of my favorite clips ever. Gonz in the Atm/60/40/Simple days is gold. Great stuff!

iSapien 1956672 said...

Sacto & the Poweredge interview!

David said...

Is that second photo a boneless or a tweaked out air. Either way it's super sick.
Great post.

K said...

*Hard hitting question Chops and co. What was Gonz up to between leaving Blind and showing up on Real. I know that he founded ATM Click and 60/40, but really where was dude?

I used to LOVE reading his stories in Thrasher. And what was up w/dude living in Paris for a minute? Taxes?

PS Anyone remember Gonz's sick-ass cameo in Anti-Hero '98

PPS 60/40 commercial w/the song going "Gimme this, gimme that, gimme this, gimme that" in the back ground. Gonz in there too!

hifirandy said...

@David ... If I remember correctly, I'm 99% sure that taht's a FS air, not a boneless. But yeah, sick.

my site (complete with gonz logo): http://www.champeen.com

chops said...

thanks hf.

right on both isapien. was gonna post that poweredge interview but ran with a bunch of different ones instead.

david, i think hifirandy is correct. nice site, hifi.

alright k, not sure really what was going on... i posted that crockpot interview of his up from around that time where he talks about what he was doing but not sure what the entire story is... i always felt like he just needed a break after video days... especially when things started getting so weird in skateboarding. his artwork definitely started coming more to the forefront at this time.

and yeah, i remember a dill interview where he hinted at gonz's tax problems in the past but again... no clue.

here's a question i have that's just purely out of curiosity because gonz is such a character... what did he end up naming his child?

not to sound creepy... just curious.

that one guy said...


Keith said...

yeah gonz! That indy air is so boned. Sick!