chrome ball incident #322: the mess

another one that's slipped through the cracks. venice legend turned o.g. world industries staple after being kicked off the bones brigade for too many run-ins with the law...

jesse martinez should probably be a household name right now.

good to see him still out there doing his thing.

and I still love that jailcell robot graphic.


smorales said...

I really like that footage in Rubbish Heap. He has a trick in one of the Krooked Khronicles guest sections which is cool.

Him and TG are great back to back.

Larry said...

The best jump ramper, wall rider, street planter of all time.

He should have won Streetstyle in Tempe.

I think what hurt him a bit was the lack of a everyday street ollie.

Skate Nazi said...

I have to concur, Jesse was no joke on a launch ramp, killed wallrides with or without ramp assistance, and did the best fucking ho-ho plants and other tripped out streetplants.

His method air in Animal Chin is my all time favorite jump ramp trick in a skate video.

Rock-em-sock-em Robot graphic is the ill shit, good looks.

Oh, and Jesse was theee gnarliest regulator that ever regulated. You don't see enough of that these days, if at all.

iSapien 1956672 said...

Dude kills it, I had the pleasure of seeing him skate in person at Rotation Station in Rockford, IL in like 1990, I totally forgot about Bronze Age. I think Juice magazine did a spread on him a few years back, and yup, still gnarly.

David said...

Dude...You have been KILLING IT lately with the blog.
Thank you!

E.RICKS said...

I use to skate with his cousin back in the day Cipreano aka (Cip)..
Jess use to refer to him as bird shit..lmao..

I agree with the skate nazi..Jess was the gnarliest regulator there was..Definetly need more of these dudes around..Tim Jackson,James Kelch,the Conklin bros, Bo Turner,Sean Sheffy,all regulators..They kept shit real..No joke...

tp said...

I miss the regulators. I hate even going to the skatepark these days cause noone schools these kids anymore. Teach them some respect for spot.

I missed the days when you had the earn the right to skate a spot.

T. Smalls said...

can you verify if this is him cause someone on forum said it is.