chrome ball incident #295: peace frog

one of my all-time favorite skaters and easily on the most underrated skaters of the decade, ocean howell.

presently on some brainy smurf-type shit, i still think if dude would've gotten hooked up with a proper team, his career would've gone down quite differently.

figured i'd throw in some Markus as well.

congrats to battle commander beebs for absolutely killin' shit in that piece this weekend and also big up to turntable lab and the TMA.


Seaver said...

So dope. All that I ever hear of him lately is that same article you've posted. I hope dude has a nice job or something.

Latest footage I've seen includes the most stylish wall ride ever. I think it was posted already but it deserves a second look:


And anyone notice all the old skate vids disappearing from youtube? How will the youth of today learn without ever seeing Mike Carroll in Questionable?

Pierre Wikberg said...

I was a huge Ocean fan. I even did a best of video of him in (from the current videos).., maybe... 1992-ish.

In the past 5 or so years I´ve been living part time in Carsbad and it I still find Ocean Howell (and other) 90´s spots all over the place.

nkls said...

Yeah Ocean!

Keith said...

Right on. He put out some solid video parts back in the day.

cbi#300 is coming up. Anyone special?

chops said...

seaver, i know that article's been posted to death but i still find it very well written and a nice insight into dude. and yeah, i've noticed a lot of old vids vanishing... one factor in this has gotta be the whole audio copyright thing. MC's Questionable part is one of my all-time faves but it does lose something with no Beasties or Burnt.

thanks for the comments, fellas.

keith, right now its between one of two people. haven't really started working on it yet though...