chrome ball incident #280: sharks and sailors

I really think I'd just about kill someone for one of those o.g. dolls.

big, stompin, sequence-free post featuring the guy I originally had slated for incident #300 'til impatience got the best of me: B. A.

straight up, you can't fuck with this dude. (figured I'd save the small talk)

anyway, I got some vacation time coming up along with a birthday (yup, this geezer gettin' geezier) so I'm taking the next week off.

see you later. thanks for stopping by.


daveofquarrel said...

Best back tails, ever.

Sean said...

I have had the pleasure of seeing BA skate in person a few times in demo and non-demo settings and he is nothing but the raddest dude ever on every level.

At the last DLX demo I overheard him say "This ramp is challenging, I like that" and then later "Fuck this ramp!", both with the biggest smile on his face.

Anonymous said...

what about a Tony Fergunson post?


ATM said...

At a girl demo a few years ago, BA did the most perfect tre flip on flat I had ever seen. He was injured, so he didn't actually skate the demo. I wish he did.
By the way, you somehow manage to always take days off when it rains.

Keith said...

I'm stoked on every pro on Girl at the moment but to be honest, I was scratching my head when BA, McCrank and Biebel were put on the team. I knew all of them were good but Girl, to me, has always been the leaders and on some next level shit. I was never sure those 3 could live up to those expectations. Of course, I was totally wrong and I've grown to like all three of those guys and what they bring to the table.

Old School Sammy said...

Connecticut represent!

With BA, Barley and Greco, at least our small and overtaxed to death state can boast three big and gnarly names!

Anonymous said...

such a sick cover! I still have my toy machine bling (his is silver and mine is gold?) I remember being so shocked when he got on girl. I love BA (no homo? or homo? I don't care)


JRog said...

Hell yeah! BA rips it. Donny used to dump him at my apt. next to the courthouse back in the day. We'd cruise around and have a ball. Last time I saw him he gave me a mushroom cube. Rad dude then, rad dude now.

lp said...

Yeah BAs fucking rad. From welcome to hell to yeah right to the fourstar related stuff hes just got more amazing and always has such a good style.Powerful finesse as Chris Senn said.

Love the Modus evil eye bs smith.His modus part was sick in general,that hurricane,bs tail so much good shit.

I met him at a demo in Milton Keynes(MK in the UK) and everyone was star struck and he just said "whats up with everyone man?" ha and just skated this ledge away from the hype. Lovely 360 flips and just rad in general.
Sick post

Peter Stankiewicz said...

That back smith photo blew me away back in the day and it's still amazing.

BA rules.

Jesse said...

off topic BA-wise, but that's a great album, huh? With the matchbook layout and the fleur-de-lis and those songs, great choice for title. Good work again!

jason from oz said...

Have a good break and b'day.

cheaps said...

A whole week with no chromeball incident fix - damn I better start drinking again. Great post yet again.

boil the ocean said...

best SOTY cover

chops said...

thanks everyone.

daveofquarrel... best back tails and the best varial flips. and is that a cro-mags reference?

super good story, sean. I actually read your comment a few days ago and found myself quoting it at the skatepark today.

anon1, there's already been one a while ago (#92) but look for another one soon.

can't explain it, ATM. that's kinda bugged.

you know that its no secret that Girl's my all-time fave, keith. I was sweatin McCrank for a minute and was pretty stoked when he got on... still think dude is crazy underrated. BA I always thought was a beast but must admit i was a little surprised when he got on, makes total sense now but at the time, i just saw him as being on toy machine and that was that. i think biebel is just a fucking awesome dude and like how stoked he is about being on girl.

what's up e!

jrog, working on that carney post, didn't forget homie.

thanks jesse, i was pretty proud of this one myself.

thanks jason and cheaps.

big up to the bloggy omega himself, boil the ocean.

Mighty Whitey said...

Yeah BA, totally backing him.