chrome ball incident #266: traneing in

post-blind "retirement era" gonz interview with thomas campbell, amongst other goodies.

granted there is always gonna be a big question mark surrounding this "lost" period... some reports claim he never quit skating during this time (although this interview seems to suggest otherwise). regardless, we can at least take comfort in knowing that there's no embarassing photos of gonz getting his chris fissell-on at a slow crawl in enormous orange raver pants and a visor. not that he ever would've but i find it entirely fitting that he opted to go into "hiding" instead.

that top joint evidently is the product of gonz's first photo shoot with spike jonze... mark found a mannequin underneath the ramp and so it goes. super good.

speaking of which, there's an amazing article written by spike in the new 100th issue of juxtapoz that's definitely recommended. i cheated and snatched that bottom dork photo from there. i must've had that original poster up on my wall for years.

and for all the shiloh requests... a post is coming soon but until then, maybe this will help.

thanks keith


Keith said...

mannequin hand grab was awesome!

That interview was so out of the blue at the time. It seemed like he was gone for a long time but, as you've said in a prior post, he was only gone for 2 years. I suppose it was two of the most progressive years in skateboarding.

smorales said...

Of course, even his out of nowhere 12 foot channel gap photos are amazing.

Thanks for the post Chops, except now I wanna go out and skate and its 11:30 and I got work to do!

K said...

Didn't Gonz dip out to Paris for a while? And I def. remember reading about him having some tax issues too.

Either way, K is BACK!!!!

platinumseagulls said...

I saw the top photo, amazing of course, and instantly wanted a frontside invert flick. I think there's some proper Gonz ones out there, or maybe I'm making it up in my head.

Side note: if I could learn frontside inverts by 30, I would essentially win life, but some vert skating buddies have said it's the hardest trick there is. Bummer.

Old School Sammy said...

Platinum, if you ever want to learn F/S Inverts---get yourself some footy of Lance Mountain doing one (nothard to find--if I recall, he does one in the guest spot in "yeah Right" before he tosses the magic board over the wall)--he makes them look FAR less effortless than Eddie Elguera did back when he invented them.

smorales said...

ps gonz's new adidas ad with the wallie handplant maneuver is so good.

Anonymous said...

What interview is it where gonz says hes Mexican?

JRog said...

I saw Gonz at the Phillips park mini-ramp contest trying no handed 360 varials and ollie frontside 540s on the vert ramp there. He got pretty damn close to both which was amazing to see...there are million Gonz stories.