chrome ball incident #228: forever changes

street skating pioneer, world park acid casualty and personal crailtap favorite: rudy johnson.

mark's check-out still kinda bugs me out.

and i'm so geeked on this that i can't stand myself.


smorales said...

I was just hoping for a Rudy post! All his one foots, and otherwise, are so good. Every time he shows up on the tap is great, even in the quotes of the day.

Royce said...

Switch backside flip and thunder noseblunt slide.

Keith said...

Great! He has the OG long arm style. Love that one line in Goldfish, the fs nollie flip up the stairs and the switch bs flip down. So good. His part in Video Days was actually my favourite growing up.

The story on crailtap about his wife dropping in is so good!