the Chrome Ball Incident is going on a short hiatus but will return after the holidays. Incident #200 is coming up and while I have a pretty good idea who its gonna be, I'm still open for suggestions.

Thanks for all the comments and support as that is what keeps this thing going.

And yes, that drawing is Gator's response to a fan letter I wrote him in 1988.


Anonymous said...

Great Dill post man - gotta love the style. Any chances of running the whole of those c/o wheels seven dedly styles ads - maurice key, sanch, turner etc - just an idea. Great blog as normal bro. Happy Christmas and Happy New Year.

Post#200 - mariano, iannucci, milton, schaaf, huf, johnston, d.jones, welsh etc etc special mix.

Anonymous said...

that gator drawing is nuts!!

daewon song
danny way
rob dyrdek

thanks for doing this blog!!

Anonymous said...

Def the danny Way TWS DC ramp feature - great black & white shots in that (i know it's not the 90's)

Keith said...

I remember both those xmas ads.

That Gator sketch really is full on bananas!

Have a great holiday break Eric!

Still hoping for Acme week

julianjason said...

haha, that drawing is nutz...really proving your long time fan commitment to this art!!!

200 post.....


the guy was and still is sick and IMHO had loads of footage from the golden period aka 91-93...deff a forgoten pioneer...ok maybe hes not 200 post material...but he deserves a post


disco boy said...

that gator drawing is ill, nice memento.

post 200: chris senn...

peel said...

Hope you have a Danny Way Day! Love you Chops!

chops said...

not sure if i have all 7 styles, sorry.

I've been wanting to post that Gator joint for a minute but wasn't exactly sure how to present it. Glad you guys dug it.

danny way will more than likely be up here pretty soon. peel is referring to a d way project that i worked on during my "break" that proved to be quite an undertaking... not really allowing for much of a vacation from these old skate mags as i would've liked. oh well, it was for a good cause.

senn is a good idea as is santos. I'm still holding on to my pick for #200 though.