chrome ball incident #190: la schmoove

after carroll #5, I figured a little shef was in order.

fyi, I got a short week coming up with the holiday and have decided to take that next-week-after off. I need a little break and there's also a few projects that i'm helping out on. thanks to everyone out there for checking out chrome ball.

see you next week.


SKEEM said...


any GGirl\Chocolate skater from back in the day were sick!

btw, dont you have anything by Tony Fergunson?

he had a sick and smooth style...so underrated.


Anonymous said...

This is very fitting for today. I had breakfast with my dad this morning and he brought me a box of my stuff from his attic. In there was some drawings circa 1991 and one of them was the Life skateboards logo.

Seaver said...

Please make a comeback. He could probably sell his griptape art for good money on ebay.

Anonymous said...

where is the plan b vivesection re-issue? any info where to buy?

JayCee said...

I remember the first time I saw Sean in person. He was rolling with Natas, Greg Hunt and this kid Goose from Michigan. They were in SF cause I think they may have been on tour or something. I remember Sean kept calling Greg, "Frankie", so I thought that was his name. A few years later when Greg and I became friends I remember asking him about that. I guess Frankie was short for Frankenstein. Damn! I remember hearing all these stories about Sean from back in the SHUT days and him being the Man Child. I'll say one thing, any story you hear about him, it's probably true! From skating to just living, one of the coolest/craziest people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.