chrome ball incident #174: working class hero

"How can you not like his style? Its every trick, he's fuckin' either make or die!" -Phelps


tp said...

man i hope he is able to get back on one of these days. I know he wants it.

Anonymous said...

seen him skate a few times in the u.k. - fast, smooth, stylish and off his f***kin' head - all the way live. Any chance of a series of TWS interviews - Carroll, Mariano, Puleo etc etc.

hairfarmer said...

That Spitfire ad is amazing!

Anonymous said...

the humblest and most inspiring person i've ever
met in skateboarding. besides OGGI.
i remember the day the news hit deluxe.
it was so hard to believe.
then to see him show up there months after
walking. with a cane,but still, they said he wouldn't walk again.
always full throttle, always.
mad respect john. thanks.

JayCee said...

Positive as fuck! Even after everything that's happened to him. John's fucking great. I remember skating with him back in the Dogtown days and he was pretty crazy even back then. Seeing him nowadays, you can't help but get stoked. I ran into him not too long ago at a taqueria and we talked about how he was going to open up a bike shop in Sac. I think it's gonna be geared more towards fixed gear bikes cause he's pretty into them. I think he wants to get into building custom frames. I know they'll be sick as fuck if he does start doing that.