chrome ball incident #170: been one of those days

I'll be honest with you, tonight's post was totally supposed to be somebody else... but that shit wasn't working out so the kid got yanked.

Had to bring in the ace.


jason from oz said...

I'm glad you played your ace...hadn't seen any of those before except for the big bro. Is that gabby in the 3rd one?

Anonymous said...

Sick sick sick sick - Mariano always flowing like circus trained stealth monkeys going wild. When oh when- Jeremy Wray? Paulo Diaz? Billy Valdes? Sam Devlin (non crackhead version)? Kareem C and more ill Ginomatic? Please

tp said...

I am really hope a tree root pushes up a ridiculous sidewalk bump again one of these days. Preferably by my house. Then I can just skate it all day lobbing smooth switch ollies over anything i put in front of it.

SKEEM said...

you said it well, "The Ace".

Mariana had much more style back in the day, just look at that Transworld cover, sick style!

Keith said...

Guy looks cool in Dr. J's and Half Cabs.

Too bad for BL getting bumped by Guy.

I hope Guy wins Thrashers skater of the year

Agostinho said...

ah man i don't know.

used to mess with this kid HARD.

but since those rumours i could never look at him the same way, shame really.

guy ripped though.

chops said...

yeah, jason. that's gabriel.

thanks anonymous. i was thinking the exact same thing. and those dudes are coming soon.... most of 'em anyway (not sure how much mega is actually out there)

tp... only in california.

thanks agostinho but not sure if i follow... rumors?

lp said...

Wow!love the sw ollie with the girl stickers and gabe pic.So much classic amazing shit from the number 1. I heard some rumours but ive never had them confirmed,nothing stops me from loving Guys existence on this planet on a skateboard though.