chrome ball incident #77: smooth operator

I remember a Mike Carroll interview from a while back where he said that it was part of his daily routine for Cheeks to flake on him. Whether it be to go skate or just hang out, MC said he always found himself waiting around for a call from Chico that would never come. At the time, Mike was probably the most popular skater in the world. And honestly, for Brenes to repeatedly do this made him seem all that much cooler.

That trademark smooth style with the best nollie heels in the game, its good to see the Cheekster still doing his thing. It's hard to imagine Chocolate without him (or his rapping).

This should probably be posted Friday.

And damn, when they start posting fools' sponsor-me tapes?


E said...

all sick photos! cheeks is definetly the man.

Anonymous said...

animal thug.

Watson said...

One of the best backside flips ever too. I read in an interview or something too that in some South American country they call nollie back heels "Chico flips" because he is so good at them.

So stoked Chico is killing it lately. Can't WAIT for a new section!